Mixed Tikka


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Rice or Chips

Pilau Rice, Boiled Rice, Mushroom Rice, Mixed Vegetable Rice, Prawn Rice, Egg Rice, Spicy Garlic Rice, Onion Fried Rice, Keema Rice, Sweet Rice, Lemon Rice, Chips

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Plain Curry Sauce, Balti (fairly hot), Bhuna (medium), Chilli Masala (hot), Curry (medium), Dansak (sweet & sour, fairly hot), Dupiaze (medium), Garlic (fairly hot), Jalfrezi (very hot), Jaljushi (very hot), Korai (medium hot), Korma (very mild), Madras (hot), Mashumi (mild), Massala (medium), Pathia (hot), Phall (very hot), Rogan Josh (hot), Samber (fairly hot), Suria (very mild), Tindaloo (very, very hot), Vindaloo (very hot)


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